Alejandro Gabriel

Alejandro Gabriel. Born in Buenos Aires in 1976. Architect and Artist.
He studied painting with Adrian Lirman and Su Schnell. He works as an art director making video games and digital experiences.
Major Exhibitions: "Los objetos nos llaman" (“The objects are calling for us”) (2009) curated by Lara Marmor. "Universal Shipping Box" - exchange betwern Manchester, England, (Twenty +3), Buenos Aires, Argentina (Jardín Luminoso Gallery) and Berlin, Germany (Projectraum Schwarz) (2010). Balcarce CCEBA intervention (2010). "The state of Time" in gallery BSGR (2010).
Individual exhibitions: "Vida de Ciudad" ("City Living"), Stock Exchange of BA (2008), Ministry of Justice of Argentina (2007) National Lottery (2006). Winner of honorable mention from Banco Ciudad for the short "Pilki Pilki" Art Futura, November 2009, MALBA, Fundación Constantini. His animated short "Sincropilkia" was selected in Art Futura 2010 for local segments and 3D + motion Graphics, MALBA.
Pilki Pilki in now at the MAR, Mar del Plata Contemporary Art Museum till December 2014. - See more at:

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